Talking Co-housing Communities

Co-housing Community Conversations

We all know it’s time to rethink housing:  Large houses are costly to run and no longer practical, financially or environmentally.  Tiny Lifestyle is on the hunt for people who want to live more sustainably and are interested in building a co-housing community here in Golden Bay.

How would you visualise a co-housing opportunity?  Come and join the conversation!

Are you interested in living in community? What does that mean to you? How do you want to live? How do we change the way we live to be more sustainable? What makes a community successful? What are its hurdles?

Tiny Lifestyle was set up to support those priced out of the property market, to thrive by downsizing:  “Building smaller and more sustainably encourages people to tread more lightly on the earth,” says founder Simone.  “Small or tiny spaces are more energy-efficient, use less building materials and with less heating and lighting needs and therefore less power to run.”

Tiny Lifestyle will be holding free monthly picnics at the Community Gardens in Takaka, providing opportunities for people to meet others who dream of a more connected, people-focused way of life.  They will be held on a Friday or Saturday for the first three months of 2020 to allow those interested to attend at least one event. The first is on Saturday January 11th from 12-2pm “or when the conversation comes to an end.”

Further events to be held on 14th February and 14th March, same time and location.  The Organic Community Gardens on Waitapu Road will allow the kids to run around and play while others chat. The public are invited to bring along their curiosity for co-housing and a kai contribution for a shared picnic.

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