Tiny Lifestyle at the 2021 Living Wood Fair

As well as being busy with Tiny Lifestyle, two of our core team also run the Living Wood Fair - a fantastic community event exploring the wonderful world of wood - it is a fantastic showcase of everything you can do with timber from growing the trees, to milling and crafting. You can get involved in workshops or the forestry and building forums, listen to the many varied and informative talks or stroll around the info and market stalls whilst watching the chainsaw carver or green woodworkers, and listening to the live music.
Nestled between natural builders and fine woodworkers we felt right at home - we made so many fantastic connections that will lead to some very interesting collaborations. The building forum was especially informative asking some important questions about the industry and how we can all make changes to improve its sustainability. In fact the wood fair is a reflection of our own values - working together to find sustainable solutions for a better future.
Several of our traditional timber frame structures housed some very special people at the wood fair. The Lil’ Roots Wild Burger Bar was majestic in the Parapara pergola and the very talented Deborah Walsh taught people how to whittle flowers from hazel sticks in our Rameka frame nestled in the trees behind the Green Woodworking Zone. 
Well done to the Living Wood Fair team for creating such a beautiful event, there will be many interesting collaborations that are a result of your hard work - we can’t wait for the next one in 2023!

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