Introducing The Rameka - Tiny Lifestyle's Latest Flat-Pack Tiny Design

Tiny Lifestyle is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our first physical product: The Rameka - A beautiful, 10m² flat-pack structure with a handcrafted timber frame at its core. The only traditionally-built timber frame structure that can be flat-packed.

The Rameka

The Rameka is made from Douglas Fir (aka Oregan Fir) - a naturally durable and resistant heartwood with a warm colour and increased lateral strength.  We strive to source materials as locally as possible to minimise our carbon footprint: All of our timber was grown in the top of the South Island.

We only use untreated, non-toxic and sustainably-sourced wood. It is grown locally, lovingly milled by our craftsman on-site and handcrafted into a strong, timeless structure. Traditional timber homes are designed to last, the older they get, the stronger they become, as the joints tighten with age. This creates a sturdy, healthy core supporting the rest of the structure.

A lot of building materials available on todays market off gas and therefore negatively impact people's health. We are transparent about our supply chain, so that our customers know that we use natural, non-toxic products on our tiny buildings. All of our paint comes from the Natural Paint Co. because their paint is completely free of harmful chemicals. We've used Terra Lana's Wool Blend Insulation throughout the Rameka as its toxin-free, non irritant, non allergenic and odourless. All of our oils and stains are from the Natural House Co . We've also been conscious about finding products that are close to home so that they don't have to travel too far. 

Although the Rameka is only a 10m² building, we’ve maximised the internal space with a mezzanine and dormer windows to increase head height. The Rameka is built to code and being flat packed, is easily transported. We only use quality wood and natural finishes, Elm floorboards bring a warmth to the interior and contrast beautifully with the light Macrocarpa used on the walls. The exterior is clad with waney-edge Douglas Fir creating a cozy rustic feel.

Built by hand with no nails, just stunning joinery, the craftsmanship of our structures makes them stand out. But you don’t need to be an expert to reconstruct them at your place: Interlocking wooden joints and long pegs are just hammered into place, making these all-natural rooms a pleasure to put together. 

Built by hand with no nails

The flat-pack building can be delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand for an additional cost or you’re welcome to collect from our workshop in Golden Bay, we love to meet our customers! 


Alternatively, we have Timber Frame Courses taking place in December and February that teach you the art of traditional greenwood timber framing.  Over five days in beautiful Golden Bay, you and just seven others will learn how to build a stunning, bespoke frame yourself, to enjoy for many years to come.  

Tiny Lifestyle was set up by a group of people passionate about the environment.  Our vision is to encourage people to tread lightly on the earth by building smaller and more sustainably, using traditional materials and techniques, resulting in healthier lifestyles, less debt and a lighter carbon footprint.  Through blogs, videos, interviews and up-to-date information on sustainable products, we aim to support those who have been priced out of the property market, to thrive in smaller homes.