Introducing The Parapara: Traditional Timber Frame Pergola

Tiny Lifestyle is proud to present The Parapara - an elegant flat-pack Pergola constructed with large, naturally-curved timbers forming a ‘Cruck Frame’.   This creates a stunning 34m² dry space to be used as a temporary event structure or permanent pergola. The perfect outdoor venue for weddings, parties, or communal glamping hang out area.
Watch the Parapara being constructed in this beautiful video.
Cruck frames first appeared in the 1300s in the UK, and the name is derived from ‘a crooked tree’.   Traditionally it is made from one curved piece of timber which is cut in half and   secured by a horizontal cross beam forming an ‘A’ shape.  This supports the main load while the external beams support a stretched canvas roof which provides protection from the elements while also exposing the beauty of the timber.  
“Cruck frames are loved for their natural beauty, placing the heavy timbers in the heart of the house,” says Tiny Lifestyle’s co-founder Liv Scott.  “It’s really important to us to use non toxic and natural materials wherever possible. The building industry is filled with materials that are impregnated with chemicals and even the furnishings, paints and finishes for timber can have volatile organic compounds off-gassing which can cause some serious health issues.  We use sustainably-harvested, locally-grown Douglas Fir which is naturally-resistant.  These timbers are stained and oiled with products from the Natural House Company.  They don’t off-gas and have beautiful finishes which will protect the timber for many years to come.”
“Our intention is to create products that help our customers to tread lightly on the earth,” adds co-founder Simone Kidner. 
The central frame packs down into individual elements to fit on a trailer for easy delivery throughout New Zealand or collected from our workshop in Golden Bay.  This consists of handcrafted timbers which slot together and a specially-made canvas roof that can either be draped down the sides or propped open on the awning posts.  The lightweight, reinforced canvas is waterproof and rot resistant and comes with secure, easy to use tie downs that fit perfectly with the ridge beam and top plates.  Eight awning posts and guy ropes are included as well as the pegs to hold timber frame together.
The Parapara can be built on piles for permanence or sturdy timber frame feet added to allow the structure to be packed away and re-erected as required.
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Length : 4.3m between posts 

Width : 8.0m with awnings - 4.0m between posts  

Height : 3.6m 

Floor Area :  34.5m²