Our journey to the living the tiny way...

Tiny Lifestyle is a collaboration between two couples who are passionate about treading lightly on the land. Through eco-conscious decision making, living in tiny spaces and pro-actively working towards self-sustainability, we live the tiny lifestyle and aim to make it easier for other people to adopt this style of living.


Liv and Graeme Scott

Liv & Graeme Scott 

Having owned an eco-building company in the UK, Liv & Graeme now live off-grid in a tiny home they built for themselves and two children using sustainable materials in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Together they run the Golden Frames Woodworking School situated in the ‘Scott clan’ family home. They welcome students into their tribe, becoming part of the whanau by the end of the course. Their family philosophy is to be self-sustaining, this is why they choose to live off-grid, to be responsible for their own power, water, waste and as much of their food as possible. This flows through to their courses - teaching people to build their own homes empowers people to make positive environmental choices.

Timber framing tools

Graeme has been building tiny spaces for decades, his passion for carpentry started in his dad’s shed as a kid, moving through to set building and boat renovations, to building log frame homes and now tiny houses. His extraordinary passion for wood and environmental sustainability make him an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher.

Their joint passion for using sustainable materials in their buildings has manifested in a yearly festival, the Living Wood Fair. Where they bring the community together to share skills around sustainable building and forestry. 



Simone & Joe Woodland

Joe & Simone fell in love with living tiny when they brought and refurbished their first campervan together 6 years ago, a Volkswagen T25. Since then, they’ve been creating bespoke campervans with beautiful wooden interiors for themselves and many happy customers as the Campervan Craftsman.

Joe is a self-trained carpenter with a flair for handcrafted interior spaces. He specialises in cabinet making for awkward spaces, vans don’t have straight walls! With a background in photography and animation, he brings creativity to each of his commissions.

Simone is an architect and designer, her passion is creating functional and gorgeous tiny spaces. Her drafting and 3D modelling skills make testing out tiny building ideas quick and easy.

Her long-term vision is to create affordable and socially inclusive housing through building tiny house villages across New Zealand. She run’s a social enterprise called Collective Flo that creates the space for people working on social businesses (driven by a purpose not just profit!) to meet and support one another.