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Pergola - Event Space

The Parapara is a beautiful handcrafted traditional cruck frame finished in natural oils with a canvas roof. 

The Parapara is a durable timber frame has been traditionally handcrafted with love. We source local Douglas Fir timber and use natural oils to protect our craftsmanship. The Parapara doesn’t use a single nail in its construction but is held together with traditional joints and hardwood pegs. 

This 34m2 freestanding pergola  sits on sturdy feet with a canvas roof that is waterproof, long lasting and well anchored to the ground, creating an ambient and a majestic space. Perfect for shading your wedding guests, or creating a glamping hideaway in your back garden.

The cruck frame is constructed using large beautifully formed curved timbers that take the weight of the frame. This type of frame lends itself to large open internal spaces which is why it makes such a gorgeous exposed beam external space.

Frame your stunning view or host your next event in this impressive cruck frame pergola.

Handcrafted in New Zealand.

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The Parapara - Price on request

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  • Traditional Timber Frame Superstructure
  • Ridge Beam Internal Bracing
  • Removable Canvas Roof 
  • Non-Toxic Materials & Finishes
  • Sturdy Construction


  • Douglas Fir Traditionally Built Timber Frame
  • Canvas Cover with Ties


The Parapara comes kit-set, allowing it to be erected on site and easily transported. The feet allow this structure to be assembled temporarily.  



Length : 4.3m between posts 

Width : 8.0m with awnings - 4.0m between posts  

Height : 3.6m 

Floor Area :  34.5m²



Our kit-set buildings can be erected quickly, we provide an instruction video to help with assembly or we can come and install The Parapara at an additional cost. Two people and a scaffolding tower will be required to assemble the frame due to the length and weight of the ridge beam. See construction example here.

The Parapara can either be freestanding or installed on secure footings: either concrete piles or a concrete pad are sufficient. Your foundation choice will need to be installed before you erect the structure.

Our straightforward video provides step-by-step instructions of the whole process from erecting the traditional timber frame and attaching the canvas roof.

Delivery is an additional cost, which is calculated by distance.

We're happy to answer your questions about The Parapara, get in touch:

Email us at, call us on 022 087 6396 or complete this enquiry form and we'll get back to you. 


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